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        About US
        About US

        Kunshan lead textile Co.,Ltd. was established in 2012.we are a development and production enterprise who is specialized in functional and technical fabrics in Sportswear,Outdoor, Fashion functional clothing,Corporate wear, Personal Protective clothing, Military, Police uniforms, Bags,Tents,etc.


        As growing a leading supplier in technical and functional fabrics based in China, and company's staffs almost possess textile technical experience more than ten years. The company has established long-term cooperative relations with many European customers. We have our own high standard quality assurance system , and our fabrics quality satisfy ISO9001,Oeko-Tex100,REACH.


        Our Main Product,

        1) Recycled Fabrics

        2) Stretch Fabrics,

                N/SP,T/SP Woven,  T400,T800,  PES Mechanical stretch,

                N/SP,T/SP Knitted bonded

        3) Down-proof Fabrics,

        Extra light &Super soft down-proof Fabric

        Light &stretch downproof Fabric

        4) High waterproof ,windproof and Moisture permeable Fabrics(Coated/ laminated)

        5) Bonded Fabric,

               2-layer ,  3-layer , Softshell , Hardshell

        6) High Tenacity Fabric,

               Nylon Cordura,

               Nylon Oxford

               PES fake cordura

               PES Oxford

        7) Hi visible Fabrics(EN20471),

               PES,  T/C, Bonded stretch

        8) Multi-Functional Fabrics

        EN343, EN471, EN1149, EN13034, EN14116, EN11612, EN11611, etc.

        9) IRR Camouflage and Solid

        10)Fashionable fabric

        We are full of enthusiasm and enterprising,with our high quality and competitive price to meet the customers,growing together with the cutomers.

        KunShan Leadtextile Co.,Ltd
        ?Copy Right